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Econo Corn Broom
Econo Corn Broom. 4 strings hold bristles securely in place
Price: $14.16
10.79 USD
Lobby Pro Wet-Dry Cleaning Wand and Spill Pan
46 in. cleaning wand with metal handle allows wide area cleaning without bending. Spill Pan, quick, safe and easy c...
Price: $35.22
26.83 USD
Rubbermaid Angle Broom
Rubbermaid Angle Broom
Price: $37.64
28.68 USD
Broom, 1" dia (2 5 cm) Vinyl Coated Metal Handle
Ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas. Cut and shaped for easy sweeping.
Price: $41.28
31.45 USD
Steel Roller Sponge Mop
Steel Sponge Mop with Cellulose Head. Front pull lever on mop handle allows for squeeze action wringing. Cellulose ...
Price: $74.78
56.97 USD
Sweeper Dual Action
Dual Action Sweeper. Has a natural boar brush for fine cleaning and a crimped, nylon brush for heavy debris.
Price: $256.04
195.06 USD