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Glass Cleaner (950 ml)
Glass Cleaner, 950 ml x 12
Price: $38.25
28.68 USD
Oxy-Kic PRO Spot & Stain Remover
The revolutionary dual chambered system combines a powerful cleaner with an oxygen agent to clean through stains.
Price: $39.68
29.75 USD
Orange TKO Cleaner
Orange TKO is a citrus cleaner/degreaser made from the peel of the orange. It is an emulsifier which contains no sy...
Price: $40.54
30.39 USD
Broom, 1" dia (2 5 cm) Vinyl Coated Metal Handle
Ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas. Cut and shaped for easy sweeping.
Price: $41.28
30.95 USD
Zaal H4 Pink Hand Soap - 4 x 4L
Zaal H4 Pink Hand Soap, 4 x 4 L
Price: $45.50
34.11 USD
Glass Cleaner Combo
Glass Cleaner Combo, 3 x (5 L + 950 mL)
Price: $47.58
35.67 USD
Zaal Floor Cleaner
Zaal Floor Cleaner, 4 x 4L
Price: $49.95
37.45 USD
Zaal All-Purpose Cleaner
Zaal All Purpose Cleaner, 4 x 4L
Price: $60.95
45.69 USD
Steel Roller Sponge Mop
Steel Sponge Mop with Cellulose Head. Front pull lever on mop handle allows for squeeze action wringing. Cellulose ...
Price: $74.78
56.06 USD
Inst Comet
Institutional Strength Comet with super stain removing qualities. Fortified with Chlorinol 3 for tough cleaning job...
Price: $80.00
59.97 USD
Spic and Span
Spic and Span a powerful cleaning action softens water, removes dirt and grease. Twelve 1liter boxes to each case.
Price: $139.52
104.60 USD
Floor and Carpet Sweeper
Floor and Carpet Sweeper, ideal for floors or low pile carpets.(4 per case)
Price: $170.02
127.46 USD
Sunlight Institution Detergent 15KG
Sunlight Institutional Laundry Detergent with lemon fresh fragrance. Phosphate free.
Price: $181.14
135.80 USD
Coin Vendor Bounce Softener
Coin Vendor Bounce Softener, 156 individual packs per case.
Price: $207.52
155.57 USD
Coin Op Ultra Tide Detergent
Coin Operated Ultra Tide Detergent, 156 individual packs per case.
Price: $207.52
155.57 USD
Institutional Tide 16 KG
Tide Institutional Laundry Detergent has the kind of power you can count on.
Price: $226.40
169.73 USD
Sweeper Dual Action
Dual Action Sweeper. Has a natural boar brush for fine cleaning and a crimped, nylon brush for heavy debris.
Price: $256.04
191.95 USD
Expose-It Ultraviolet Light
ExposeIt Ultraviolet Light, detects unsanitary areas which may have bacteria and germs invisible to the naked eye.
Price: $261.98
196.40 USD
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