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Inst Comet
Institutional Strength Comet with super stain removing qualities. Fortified with Chlorinol 3 for tough cleaning job...
Price: $80.00
60.01 USD
Ozone Generator Plate
Replacement Part for the Ozone Generator Plate.
Price: $96.80
72.61 USD
Pail 13qt with Handle
Pail, with handle, stainless steel. 13 Qt. (12.3L)
Price: $103.10
77.33 USD
100% Cotton Twill Coveralls with Reflective Striping
100% Cotton Twill Fabric Coveralls with Metal Button Closure and Reflective Striping, Orange Only
Price: $104.46
78.35 USD
65 - 35 Poly-Cotton Twill Fabric Coveralls
65/35 PolyCotton Twill Fabric Coveralls with Zipper Closure and Reflective Striping, Orange Only
Price: $104.46
78.35 USD
Cleaning Kit - Ozone Machine
Cleaning Kit, Ozone Machine
Price: $107.82
80.87 USD
Corner Bumpers
Corner Bumpers comes in a set of four.
Price: $110.36
82.78 USD
Brown Bags for Forbes Cart
Brown Bags for Forbes Cart
Price: $110.36
82.78 USD
Spic and Span
Spic and Span a powerful cleaning action softens water, removes dirt and grease. Twelve 1liter boxes to each case.
Price: $139.52
104.65 USD
Cleaning Kit - Ozone Generator
Cleaning Kit, Ozone Generator
Price: $161.78
121.35 USD
Rubbermaid Brute Mopping Bucket and Wringer - Blue
Rubbermaid Brute Mopping Bucket and Wringer, Blue
Price: $167.22
125.43 USD
Rubbermaid Brute Mopping Bucket and Wringer - Red
Rubbermaid Brute Mopping Bucket and Wringer, Red
Price: $167.22
125.43 USD
Brute Mop Bucket with Wringer Combo Brown
Brute Mop Bucket/Wringer Combination. Nonmarking casters for reduced touchup cleaning.
Price: $167.22
125.43 USD
Mopping Combo Pack
The leading products in hard floor care. * Predominantly plastic, nonmarking casters for reduced touchup cleaning. ...
Price: $167.22
125.43 USD
Floor and Carpet Sweeper
Floor and Carpet Sweeper, ideal for floors or low pile carpets.(4 per case)
Price: $170.02
127.53 USD
Sunlight Institution Detergent 15KG
Sunlight Institutional Laundry Detergent with lemon fresh fragrance. Phosphate free.
Price: $181.14
135.87 USD
Amenity Tray 6 inch Deep, Adjustable Dividers
Plastic amenity tray with adjustable dividers. 6 in. deep
Price: $193.12
144.85 USD
Coin Vendor Bounce Softener
Coin Vendor Bounce Softener, 156 individual packs per case.
Price: $207.52
155.66 USD
Coin Op Ultra Tide Detergent
Coin Operated Ultra Tide Detergent, 156 individual packs per case.
Price: $207.52
155.66 USD
Institutional Tide 16 KG
Tide Institutional Laundry Detergent has the kind of power you can count on.
Price: $226.40
169.82 USD
Hoover Spin Sweep Outdoor Sweeper
Spin Sweep Outdoor Sweeper, Ideal for garage, patio, driveway, poolside, and walkways.
Price: $232.32
174.26 USD
Out of Stock
Sweeper Dual Action
Dual Action Sweeper. Has a natural boar brush for fine cleaning and a crimped, nylon brush for heavy debris.
Price: $256.04
192.05 USD
Expose-It Ultraviolet Light
ExposeIt Ultraviolet Light, detects unsanitary areas which may have bacteria and germs invisible to the naked eye.
Price: $261.98
196.50 USD
Polyethylene Dolly, Padded Deck
Polyethylene Dolly, Padded Deck
Price: $276.50
207.40 USD
Triple Trolley Home and Office Cart
Home and Office Cart, Efficiently transports large bulky loads, and then folds flat for easy storage. Sturdy struct...
Price: $354.28
265.74 USD
Laundry Caddy Waste Collector Cart
Laundry Caddy Waste Collector Cart with natural bag.
Price: $374.86
281.17 USD
Janitor Cart 2000
Janitor Cart with Zippered Bag for easy trash removal. Smooth, easy to clean surface. Nonmarking 8 in. wheels and 4...
Price: $376.44
282.36 USD
Rubbermaid Utility Cart with 4 inch Wheels
Utility Cart with 4 in. diameter swivel casters, brushed aluminum uprights.
Price: $377.28
282.99 USD
Perfect Air Plug in Ozone Machine
Ozone Deodorizer is designed for permanent installation for 24 hour odor control. Ideal for restrooms or small area...
Price: $377.90
283.45 USD
Hoover Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum
Hoover Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum, top fill disposable bags, side zipped outer bag, cart hook, 31 ft. do...
Price: $403.18
302.42 USD
Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Utility Cart 2 Shelf - grey
Heavy Duty Utility/Service Cart, perfect for transporting equipment and heavy loads in any environment. Sturdy stru...
Price: $404.62
303.50 USD
Hoover - Lightweight Commpact Upright Top Fill
Hoover Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum, top fill disposable bags, side zipped outer bag, 35 ft. double insula...
Price: $478.44
358.87 USD
Laundry Caddy with Platform with White Bag
Laundry Caddy Waste Collector Cart. Frame is made of sturdy 1 in. chrome plated tubular steel with stainless steel ...
Price: $478.92
359.23 USD
Rubbermaid Flexi 2000 Cleaning Cart with Yellow Vinyl Bag
Versatile maintenance and waste handling cart. Efficiently sized, lightweight cart maneuvers easily in confined are...
Price: $492.96
369.76 USD
Econocart - Grey
Econocart, 10 bushel capacity. Sturdy construction. 3 in. swivel casters on corners. Grey finish. Outside dimension...
Price: $507.72
380.83 USD
Hoover Floormate
Hoover Floormate, for hardwood & tile floors
Price: $512.56
384.46 USD
Commercial Upright Light Weight
Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum, with microtex triple layered outer bag, 35 ft. SJT 2Wire Cable, 5.5 Amps, Bl...
Price: $546.68
410.05 USD
Heavy Duty Utility Service Cart
Heavy Duty Utility/Service Cart perfect for transporting equipment and supplies with stability. Transports up to 40...
Price: $582.62
437.01 USD
Flat Shelf Utility Cart - grey
Flat Shelf Utility Cart, gray (color not shown) Versatile flat shelves designed for transport of oversized, bulky i...
Price: $622.80
467.15 USD
Industrial Upright Vacuum
Industrial Upright Vacuum, with cloth bag, 50 ft. double insulation cable, top fill bag. Black.
Price: $638.88
479.21 USD
Hoover Lightweight Upright with attachments
Hoover Lightweight Microfiltration Commercial Upright Vacuum, with hard bag, 35 ft. double insulated cable, attacha...
Price: $649.18
486.93 USD
Hoover Soft Guard Vacuum
Soft Guard, Protection for furniture, walls and baseboards. 15 inch commercial cleaning width, 5 piece onboard, upf...
Price: $649.18
486.93 USD
Plastic Hood for Elite 3500 Maid Cart
Plastic Hood for Elite 3500 Maid Cart
Price: $677.24
507.98 USD
Upright Commercial Vacuum
Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner, EZ Empty dirt cup eliminates vac bags
Price: $727.82
545.92 USD
Rubbermaid - Maxi-Glide Clean-Air Vacuum
MaxiGlide CleanAir Vacuum, best value hard body unit available. Quiet, cleanair design, perfect for daytime cleanin...
Price: $729.14
546.91 USD
Xtra-Lift Canister Deep Cleaner Capacity
Dual function, deep cleans and allows for wet spill pick up.
Price: $755.76
566.88 USD
Commpact Upright Ez-Empty
Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner • Steel handle • Rugged 2 brush steel agitator • Dual edge cleanin...
Price: $761.94
571.51 USD
Wind tunnel 13 inch Upright
WindTunnel™ CleanAir Commercial Upright, Pick up more dirt than any other cleanair upright! 9stage allergen f...
Price: $785.90
589.48 USD
7 5 Cu Ft Big Wheel Cart
7.5 Cu Ft Big Wheel Cart (Unassembled) Designed for heavy duty, long lasting use. Sturdy, structural foam construct...
Price: $861.76
646.38 USD
Hoover Spotter-Steam Vac
Hoover Spotter Steamvac. Exclusive feature! 5 rotating brushes deep clean carpet
Price: $868.78
651.65 USD
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