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Patient Gown - Child
Patient Gown, Child White Flannel, Medium, w/Mint Bias Neck, Large, w/Blue Bias Neck
Price: $8.75
6.56 USD
Patient Gown - Adult
Patient Gown Adult size, Poly Cotton fabrick, overlap back flap for comfort and security.
Price: $9.95
7.46 USD
Pajama Pants - Adult
Pajama Pants, Adult Side Opening Blue, Mint Green or Yellow T180 Percale
Price: $12.50
9.38 USD
Adult IV Gown
Adult I.V Gown w/Ties at Back (snaps on shoulders) Color: Mint Green
Price: $12.95
9.71 USD
New Born Sleepers
New Born Sleepers with snap closure front. Printed stretch fabric.
Price: $17.10
12.83 USD
Children's Pajama Suits
Children's Pajama Suits, Button top, Elastic waist
Price: $18.00
13.50 USD
Pajama Tops - Adult
Pajama Tops, Adult Button Front, Blue, Mint Green or Yellow T180 Percale
Price: $18.00
13.50 USD
Adult Bathrobe three quarter Sleeve
Adult Bathrobe 3/4 Sleeve w/Sewn in Belt Color: Blue, Mint Green T180 Percale
Price: $27.25
20.44 USD